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Opossum Trapping

The opossum is a successful scavenger, thanks to its adaptability and excellent immune system. We can help by trapping and releasing these annoying animals back into the wild, away from your home or business.

Though opossums aren’t aggressive in nature, they are opportunistic and resourceful creatures that eat what they can find and take shelter where they see fit – even if it’s inside your home. It is important to identify signs of opossum damage early.

Signs of damage include:

  • pilfered trashcans, flowerpots or birdfeeders
  • stolen compost
  • raided chicken coops or poultry houses (opossums will eat eggs and chicks)
  • opossum droppings inside attics, sheds or poultry houses
  • torn ductwork or insulation
  • opossum tracks: front paw with five toes all with visible claws, back paw with four clawed toes and one clawless opposable toe off to the side.

My Son & I Pest Control Company is the answer.

Our professional company will provide you with everything you need to eliminate your opossum problem. Our trained exterminator can fix your problem in a short period of time. You just make the phone call and one of our trained professionals will be there with solutions.

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