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As fly exterminators, we offer comprehensive pest solutions for flies and whiteflies. Flies, generally considered a nuisance by everyone, exist in all regions of the United States. There are more than 240,000 different varieties of flies in the world and approximately one third of them, including mosquitoes and gnats, can be found in the United States. A true fly has only one set of wings and all flies are known disease carriers, many of which can be transmitted to humans.

So what makes flies and whiteflies different? Whiteflies are sap-sucking insects that are often found on the undersides of leaves in thick crowds. They damage plants by sucking the juices from new growth causing stunted growth, leaf yellowing and reduced yields. Thus plants become weak and susceptible to disease. Also whiteflies secrete honeydew, so leaves may be sticky or covered with a black sooty mold. Additionally they transmit several plant viruses. Our company offers white flies treatment to save your plants and trees. 

My Son & I Pest Control Company are experienced fly exterminators, who are ready to handle your pest control needs immediately.

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Our professional pest control company provides you with everything you need to eliminate your fly problem. Thanks to our years of experience we can address any infestation problem quickly and thoroughly. 

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