The temperatures are dropping…


Insects and rodents are among those making themselves at home this winter.

Despite some insects, such as beetles, digging into the ground to keep warm outdoors, others prefer your home for warmth and resources. You can expect to find ticks, ghost ants, carpenter ants, silverfish, cockroaches, and ants in your Miami area or Florida Keys home this winter. During cold snaps, warm-blooded rodents, like rats and mice, will also hunker down in your dark, warm attic or convenient crawlspaces and wall voids. This is the perfect time for house mice and roof rats to build nests and raise their young. While Norway rats, more adapted to the cooler temperatures, don’t usually take up residence in your home, but come in for food to take back to their nests.

You may already have signs of infestation in your home.

Detecting some winter household pests is easier than others.

  • Rodents can often make scurrying, squeaking and chewing noises in your walls and attic. Droppings, found near food sources and evidence of chewed food packaging indicate a rodent issue. 
  • Ghost ants nest indoors under cabinets, in wall voids, behind cabinetry, in between books, in potted plants and other inconspicuous places. Ghost ants forage from food sources in your kitchen to their nests.
  • Carpenter ants can be detected by the sawdust they produce from burrowing through wood in your home.
  • German, Asian and brown banded cockroaches hide in dark, sheltered places and can be found under sinks or drain boards, in cabinets and cupboards, behind drawers, around pipes, and more!
  • Silverfish, with a voracious appetite are drawn to starchy foods and can be found anywhere cereals, flour, paper and fabric are stored in your home. Tell-tale signs include affected books, fabrics or starchy food stores.

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