mosquito hurricane preparednessWhile mosquitoes can be a problem throughout the year in Florida, summertime is when Floridians have the most trouble with these pests. Since mosquitoes like warm weather, it makes sense that Florida is basically a paradise for them. Identifying potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your backyard is the first step to ridding yourself of these irritating backyard pests. Our guide on mosquito breeding grounds will help you locate mosquitoes so that you can enjoy your time with your family.

Mosquito bites are irritating, causing itching and discomfort. Furthermore, these animals have the ability to spread diseases to humans, making them a deadly predator throughout history and today as well. Thanks to this common backyard pest, the West Nile Virus and dengue are on the rise in Florida. Other dangerous diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include malaria, Zika, and dengue fever.

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

You might be asking, “How long do mosquitoes live?” Although it can vary among species, if a mosquito invades your home it could live two or three weeks, or perhaps longer. In areas with standing water or soil, such as potted plants, drains, gutters, or drain covers, mosquito eggs will be laid during this period, putting you at risk for even longer as more generations of mosquitoes make themselves at home. If you want to keep mosquitoes from breeding in your backyard and inside your house, then you will need to address the mosquito breeding grounds.

Mosquito Breeding Grounds

The breeding ground of mosquitoes is standing water. For mosquitoes to lay eggs, they only need about a half inch of water. By removing any sources of stagnant water in your backyard, you will reduce your chances of developing a mosquito problem. Common sources of standing water in your backyard can include ponds, swimming pools, birdbaths, fountains, and depressions in your yard where puddles accumulate. If you do not have adequate window and door screens, these insects can plague you while you are in your backyard or even follow you into your home.

Where Adult Mosquitoes Like to Hide

To solve your backyard mosquito problem, you will have to consider the areas where mosquitoes breed and the areas where they hide. Since adult mosquitoes can hide in your gutters and drains, it is important to keep them clean. Other places in your backyard are attractive to adult mosquitoes, too.

Mosquitoes do not like the wind in your yard. A slight breeze can drive them back to their hiding place in the vegetation of your yard. You should remove all spots for wind protection that you can. Keeping your yard well-maintained will keep mosquitoes at bay. In addition to providing protection from the wind, overgrown bushes, tall grasses, and other thick natural vegetation also provide a damp environment they enjoy. Turn your compost piles frequently and remove any piles of leaves or grass clippings to prevent mosquitoes from making a home in them.

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