Pest Control Defined

When we encounter our customers we often are asked the seemingly simple question of what is pest control? All-too-often people don’t have a complete idea of what pest control is and how it serves you and the health of your family. 

In order to understand pest control is we must first understand how to define the animals we deal with and the different categories they may include. A quick search of Wikipedia yields results that have a very direct definition of pest control. Pests are a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. This can include damage to personal property, health risks, and more. Depending on the magnitude of the impact of the pest the resulting pest control strategies may range from tolerance through complete eradication of said pest.

When to get pest control services

So what does this mean to homeowners or business owners seeking out professional pest services? Well, this means that involving a pest control professional in the early stages of pest control efforts may help to save you money, property and health risks. For instance, if dealing with a Formosan Termite Infestation, a few weeks can result in the devastation of a home foundation or roofing structure. Maybe you recently heard the sounds of tiny feet in your attic. This could be a sign of rodent activity in your home. These destructive pests can ruin home insulation, air duct work, and more. Thus resulting in serious respiratory issues with possible long term effects.

Why professional pest control services

So what does this mean when discussing the definition of pest control? Professional pest control services are a combination of preventative measures to help protect your home or work from future pest infestations as well as an active treatment to stop any active infestations. With our treatments we eliminate active infestations before they cause permanent and costly damage. Once we eliminate these pests, we then set up short term and long term preventative measures to reduce the risk of these pests appearing again. 

While many DIY pest treatment approaches seem effective, they are often short term solutions to major long term problems. Additionally they often mask a major issue. The presence of a couple insects may not seem like much. But it could be a sign of a major infestation or worse. Thankfully when you consult a pest control professional we do a comprehensive inspection of your home to ensure we thoroughly understand all of your pest prevention and pest treatment needs.