Top 5 Benefits of Professional Pest Control

Pests are not just a nuisance but a potential liability. When it comes to your family and your home it is important to take the best steps available to ensure your family’s safety. Often, people overlook the benefits of professional pest control. Thus they will attempt do-it-yourself pest control solutions that may unwittingly do more harm than good. Many of these solutions involve harsh chemicals that may risk the health of your family and pets. Getting rid of pests on your own can be difficult so it is important to contact pest control professionals before a minor inconvenience becomes a serious problem. 

Before you decide on a pest control provide, check out some top benefits to professional services.

Benefit #1: Accurate Pest Identification

You cannot control a pest problem without first identifying the pest problem. Understanding the pest problem ensures that the correct approach is taken to removing it. For instance, a mouse problem requires a different approach to a roach infestation. Knowing the type of infestation you have is an important part of the process

Our pest control company can accurately identify your pest problem and determine the most effective and efficient extermination method. 

Benefit #2: Discovering the Source

Maybe you recently noticed a couple ants in your kitchen, or “isolated” roaches or spiders. What you may see me not accurately represent the presence of pests in your home. In order to effectively eliminate your pest problem, first we need to identify the source.  It is not enough to simply get rid of the pest you can see. You must find the source of the infestation and eliminate it. This may mean finding water leaks or plugging up holes your attic or foundation.

Benefit #3: Less Damage

When we say damage we mean more than the potential harm caused by DIY approaches to pest control due to harmful chemicals. With our team of professionals, we are able to efficiently solve your pest problems before the pests in your home cause irreversible damage to your property or health. This means less damage to your property and your yard. Effectively getting rid of pests is the best way to safeguard your home and prevent devastating structural damage.

Benefit #4: Pest Management

When we consider pest management, we ensure we take a proactive and thorough approach to both treating existing pests and preventing future infestations.  Integrated Pest Management is a multi-step approach that can provide long-term pest solutions. This involves pest identification, monitoring and prevention.

Benefit #5: Protect Your Health

Professional pest control can help you protect your health by completely eliminating your pest problem. Often pests are a hidden cause of many long-term health issues such as asthma, allergies, E-coli, Lyme disease and more. The best line of defense to protect your family is pest prevention, not just extermination.

Our Pest Control Professionals Can Help

Serving Miami, Broward and the surrounding areas  our team is ready to serve you.  At My Son & I Pest Control, our trained and licensed experts can help you get rid of pests in your home or business.

We will help assess your situation over the phone to accurately provide you with a quote and consultation. We will schedule an on-site inspection and determine the best solutions for your pest problem. While on-site, our technician can perform Integrated Pest Management services.

We check with our clients to make sure the problem is resolved. We perform follow-up treatments when needed.