Formosan Termite Treatments

Formosan Termite infestation is not a phrase any home or business owner wants to hear. But how much do you know about these aggressive pests?

Formosan Termite Facts

Formosan Termites are a specific species of Subterranean Termite. They are often called the “super termite” due to the fact that they are more aggressive and destructive than their relatives. So it is important to be prepared and aggressive when dealing with this or any kind of termite.
Formosan Termite Treatment

These “super termites” are responsible for nearly $2 billion in  property damage annually. While they are commonly found in the Southern United States such as Florida they can be found elsewhere. In fact, they are said to be an invasive species originating in Eastern Asia, specifically Taiwan and southern China.

Maybe you have noticed a recent uptick in termite activity? That comes as no surprise if you are dealing with Formosan Termites.  They are known to swarm at night in the spring and summer months. So what may seem like new or sudden termite activity, is likely just increased activity in an existing colony.

Once a Formosan colony is mature, the damage it can cause can be massive. Mature colonies can cover one or more acres of land and go through roughly 13 ounces of wood in a single day. At this rate, a single colony of Formosan Termites can destroy a wooden structure in approximately three months.

With such an aggressive and formidable pest in our region it is important to have professionals on hand to stop them before the damage is irreversible. Our team is specially trained in subterranean Formosan Termite Treatment. Equipped with the most current technology and training, we offer a comprehensive approach to ridding you of these pests and protecting your home or business.