Common Types of Ants

After living in Florida for years, we can attest to the amazing benefits of our beautiful state. But what people don’t often consider is that one of the major problems we have in Florida is ants. It seems like they are everywhere, and there are so many different types of ants to be found here. As you may already know, these small insects are able to find their way into almost any space in any home. 

Common Types of Ants in Florida 

Internationally, there are hundreds of an species of ants, but many of these can be found right here in Florida. Also, many of these different types of ants have unique nicknames that can be regionally specific. So take a look at the short list we compiled for you to learn more and help you identify the common types of ants in and around your home.

Tiny Black Ants or Sugar Ants

These tiny black ants you generally see in your kitchen are called sugar ants. While these ants are harmless to humans they are dangerous to food. They’re attracted to carbs and sweets, so they are often found in food storage spaces that house these items. Also, they are sometimes found in dishwashers if you do not keep the door tightly closed.

Carpenter Ants Types of Ants

Red Ants or Fire Ants

Appropriately named, fire ants or red ants are the ants you often see in your yard or garden. They’re called fire ants because their bites cause itchy welts and painful bites, regardless of if you are allergic or have sensitive skin. Florida fire ants are known to sting multiple times regardless of if they feel threatened. Thus making them, not only irritating, but dangerous.

Carpenter Ants Types of Ants

Carpenter Ants or Bull Ants

Carpenter ants also referred to as bull ants. As their name implies, they like to excavate or nest in things such as rotted wood or even styrofoam. In Florida, these ants can be black, red, or a combination of the two. If you are bitten by a bull ant, take immediate care as their bites are especially painful.

Ghost Ants 

Ghost ants have a dark head and a light-colored, or translucent, body. Interestingly, because of their translucent body their abdomen can take on the color of the things they consume. They are fast, smaller than most ants, and have a keen sense of smell. They tend to go after sweets, and their teeth are sharp enough to break through food packaging. While ghost ants can bite, they only do so when they feel threatened.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants might be the worst ant to find in your home. It takes professional treatment to get rid of pharaoh ants because they can survive through most conventional household or DIY pest treatments. These ants like sweet, fatty, and oily foods. Pharaoh ants can be yellowish or red in color. Similar to ghost ants, Pharaoh ants only bite if they feel threatened.